Celebrating in Milano Marittima has never been so good


Celebrating in Milano Marittima has never been so good

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Nanny Mi.Ma

Do you want to plan a birthday party or a surprise for your children? Nanny Mi.Ma has arrived at Hotel Embassy&Boston! We collaborate with the best local entertainers and nannies, all year round, to plan parties, ceremonies and events for children. We will plan your party in our meeting rooms, in the garden or in the swimming pool, setting up the location, dealing with the games, snacks, menus for adults and children, and the cake, that can be customised as you want. Great, isn’t it?

Choosing a 4-star hotel for events in Milano Marittima will offer you a unique setting that will amaze and delight your guests.

Parties and
special events

Do you want to plan a party, a special event or a party with friends? No problem: we will take care of everything, giving you suggestions and ideas to plan the best and most glamorous party you could ever imagine. Whether yours is a party or a company convention that requires special attention, our staff will help you plan everything to perfection.

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